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New contest

The alias is used to construct the contest's URL (e.g. ANPA2010, CONACUP2012, OMI2013, etc.) It cannot contain spaces.

The time and date (in local time) in which the contest will begin

The time and date (in local time) in which the contest will end.

If activated, indicate how much time (in minutes) the contestant has to submit solutions from the point the contest is opened. If it's not activated, contestants may submit solutions any moment between the start and end times. The value must be less than the difference in minutes of the duration of the contest.

Integer between 0 and 100, indicating the percentage of the contest's total time where the scoreboard will be visible.

Time in minutes that must pass before a contestant can send a new submission for the same problem after sending one (1 minute minimum).

Indicates how the submission penalty is calculated: minutes since the beginning of the contest, minutes since the problem was opened, or program execution time (milliseconds).

Integer amount of minutes to penalize an incorrect submission.

After evaluating each submission, the verdict will be shown.

A number between 0 and 1, inclusive. If the number is different from 0, the score awarded for a correct submission will decay as time passes, according to the following formula: (1 - points_decay_factor) + points_decay_factor * TT^2 / (10 * PT^2 + TT^2), where PT is the penalty of the submission in minutes and TT the total length of the contest in minutes.

Show the complete scoreboard at the end of the contest.

Set languages to the current contest

If activated, all contestants must have registred their basic information to join the contest (country, state, school)

Choose "Optional" if you would want to ask the users for their permission to share their information. They can then decide whether or not to share it, and they will be able to participate on the contest regardless. If you cannot allow them to participate without sharing their information, choose "Required", but keep in mind that some users will simply choose to not participate at all.