std::hash (std::string_view, std::wstring_view, std::u16string_view, std::u32string_view)

Defined in header <string_view>
template<> struct hash<std::string_view>;
(since C++17)
template<> struct hash<std::wstring_view>;
(since C++17)
template<> struct hash<std::u8string_view>;
(since C++20)
template<> struct hash<std::u16string_view>;
(since C++17)
template<> struct hash<std::u32string_view>;
(since C++17)

Template specializations of std::hash for the various view classes for hashing views.

These hashes equal the hashes of corresponding std::basic_string classes: If S is one of the standard basic_string types, SV is the corresponding string view type, and s is an object of type S, then std::hash<S>()(s) == std::hash<SV>()(SV(s)).

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