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Defined in header <cstdlib>
int at_quick_exit( /*atexit-handler*/* func ) noexcept;
int at_quick_exit( /*c-atexit-handler*/* func ) noexcept;
(1) (since C++11)
extern "C++" using /*atexit-handler*/ = void(); // exposition-only
extern "C" using /*c-atexit-handler*/ = void(); // exposition-only

Registers the function pointed to by func to be called on quick program termination (via std::quick_exit).

Calling the function from several threads does not induce a data race. The implementation shall support the registration of at least 32 functions.

The registered functions will not be called on normal program termination. If a function need to be called in that case, std::atexit must be used.


func - pointer to a function to be called on quick program termination

Return value

0 if the registration succeeds, nonzero value otherwise.


The two overloads are distinct because the types of the parameter func are distinct (language linkage is part of its type)


See also

causes abnormal program termination (without cleaning up)
causes normal program termination with cleaning up
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