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Defined in header <locale>
template< class CharT, class OutputIterator = std::ostreambuf_iterator<CharT> >
class time_put_byname : public std::time_put<CharT, OutputIterator>;

std::time_put_byname is a std::time_put facet which encapsulates time and date formatting rules of the locale specified at its construction.

Two specializations are provided by the standard library

Defined in header <locale>
std::time_put_byname<char, OutputIterator> narrow/multibyte time formatting
std::time_put_byname<wchar_t, OutputIterator> wide string time formatting

Member types

Member type Definition
char_type CharT
iter_type OutputIterator

Member functions

constructs a new time_put_byname facet
(public member function)
destroys a time_put_byname facet
(protected member function)


explicit time_put_byname( const char* name, std::size_t refs = 0 );
explicit time_put_byname( const std::string& name, std::size_t refs = 0 );
(since C++11)

Constructs a new std::time_put_byname facet for a locale with name.

refs is used for resource management: if refs == 0, the implementation destroys the facet, when the last std::locale object holding it is destroyed. Otherwise, the object is not destroyed.


name - the name of the locale
refs - the number of references that link to the facet



Destroys the facet.

Inherited from std::time_put

Member objects

Member name Type
id (static) std::locale::id

Member functions

invokes do_put
(public member function of std::time_put<CharT,OutputIt>)

Protected member functions

formats date/time and writes to output stream
(virtual protected member function of std::time_put<CharT,OutputIt>)


This example prints current time using the "C" locale with the time_put facet replaced by various time_put_byname facets

#include <iostream>
#include <ctime>
#include <iomanip>
#include <codecvt>
int main()
    std::time_t t = std::time(NULL);
    std::wbuffer_convert<std::codecvt_utf8<wchar_t>> conv(std::cout.rdbuf());
    std::wostream out(&conv);
                          new std::time_put_byname<wchar_t>("ja_JP")));
    out << std::put_time(std::localtime(&t), L"%A %c") << '\n';
                         new std::time_put_byname<wchar_t>("ru_RU.utf8")));
    out << std::put_time(std::localtime(&t), L"%A %c") << '\n'; 
                         new std::time_put_byname<wchar_t>("sv_SE.utf8")));
    out << std::put_time(std::localtime(&t), L"%A %c") << '\n'; 

Possible output:

木曜日 2012年08月09日 21時41分02秒
Четверг Чт. 09 авг. 2012 21:41:02
torsdag tor  9 aug 2012 21:41:02

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