Standard library header <csignal>

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This header was originally in the C standard library as <signal.h>.

This header is part of the program support library.


the integer type that can be accessed as an atomic entity from an asynchronous signal handler


defines signal types
(macro constant)
defines signal handling strategies
(macro constant)
return value of signal specifying that an error was encountered
(macro constant)


sets a signal handler for particular signal
runs the signal handler for particular signal


namespace std {
  using sig_atomic_t = /*see description*/ ;
  extern "C" using /*signal-handler*/ = void(int); // exposition only
  /*signal-handler*/ * signal(int sig, /*signal-handler*/ * func);
#define SIG_DFL /*see description*/
#define SIG_ERR /*see description*/
#define SIG_IGN /*see description*/
#define SIGABRT /*see description*/
#define SIGFPE /*see description*/
#define SIGILL /*see description*/
#define SIGINT /*see description*/
#define SIGSEGV /*see description*/
#define SIGTERM /*see description*/