Standard library header <iostream>

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This header is part of the Input/output library.

Including <iostream> behaves as if it defines a static storage duration object of type std::ios_base::Init, whose constructor initializes the standard stream objects if it is the first std::ios_base::Init object to be constructed, and whose destructor flushes those objects (except for cin and wcin) if it is the last std::ios_base::Init object to be destroyed.


<ios> (since C++11)
<streambuf> (since C++11)
<istream> (since C++11)
<ostream> (since C++11)


std::cin standard input
std::cout standard output
std::cerr standard error
std::clog standard log
std::wcin standard input
std::wcout standard output
std::wcerr standard error
std::wclog standard log


#include <ios>
#include <streambuf>
#include <istream>
#include <ostream>
namespace std {
    extern istream cin;
    extern ostream cout;
    extern ostream cerr;
    extern ostream clog;
    extern wistream wcin;
    extern wostream wcout;
    extern wostream wcerr;
    extern wostream wclog;