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C library
Defined in header <random>

    class Engine,
    std::size_t W,
    class UIntType

> class independent_bits_engine;
(since C++11)

independent_bits_engine is a random number engine adaptor that produces random numbers with different number of bits than that of the wrapped engine.

Template parameters

Engine - the type of the wrapped engine
W - the number of bits the generated numbers should have
UIntType - the type of the generated random numbers. The type must be unsigned integral type.
Type requirements
Engine must meet the requirements of RandomNumberEngine.
W must be greater than zero, and no greater than std::numeric_limits<UIntType>::digits.

Member types

Member type Definition
result_type UIntType

Member functions

constructs the engine adaptor
(public member function)
sets the state of the underlying engine
(public member function)
returns the underlying engine
(public member function)
advances the state of the underlying engine and returns the generated value
(public member function)
advances the adaptor's state by a specified amount
(public member function)
gets the smallest possible value in the output range (always zero).
(public static member function)
gets the largest possible value in the output range (always 2w
(public static member function)

Non-member functions

compares the internal states of the adaptors and underlying engines
performs stream input and output on pseudo-random number engine adaptor